Meet the team
Our award winning team is made up of over 200 people across four locations within Leeds.
Peter Hodkinson
Managing Director
Gail Lawton
Finance Director
Sharon Earnshaw
General Manager & Operations Manager
Catherine Reuben
Sales and Business Development Manager
Ismail Uyumaz
Group Catering Manager
John Allott
Care Advisor, The Cedars
Kim Turton
Kim Turton
General Manager, Pennington Court
Lyn Jones
Activities Co-ordinator, Pennington Court
Lisa Heaton
Apartments Manager
Crystal Chan
Administrator, Southlands Retirement Apartments
Heven Eyob
Registered Manager, Headingley Hall
Elaine Yechezkel
Administrator, Headingley Hall
Jill Cooke
General Manager, The Cedars
Sarah Hutchinson
Deputy Manager, The Cedars
Joanne Shorten
Joanne Shorten
Social Activity Co-ordinator, The Cedars
"I love my job - I think it's important when working in care to not look at it like a job - it's my passion."
Senior Care Assistant, Southlands
"You feel happy when you see people smiling and saying thank you. You feel that emotion and you empathise with them and try to help them. It makes you feel good because you think I'm making a difference to their day."
Bank Support Worker
"I'm eternally grateful to the company because I have developed myself in ways I had never thought possible."
Administrator, Headingley Hall
"You just feel accomplished - I absolutely love my job. To us, it is nothing, but to our residents it is such a big thing when you do something little like make their bed or do a bit of dusting for them."
Housekeeping, Headingley Hall
"I think that the management here is very good. They appreciate what we’re doing and they listen to our ideas and act on any suggestions for improvements we suggest."
Senior Care Assistant, Southlands