Meet some of our wonderful team

Watch these short videos to find out more about being part of the Westward Care team; the career opportunities provided by our company and the job satisfaction of making every day special for our residents and apartment owners.

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Meet Gareth - Senior Outreach Support Worker, Headingley Hall
Meet Elaine - Home Administrator, Headingley Hall
Meet Sharon - General Manager, Headingley Hall Apartments and Care Home
"At Westward Care they have always invested in my training. There's always something new to learn. I think as well, the satisfaction you get when you see all the staff develop and they do well and you helped them achieve that is so positive."
Residential Unit Manager, Pennington Court
"I think that the management here is very good. They appreciate what we’re doing and they listen to our ideas and act on any suggestions for improvements we suggest."
Senior Care Assistant, Southlands
"I'm eternally grateful to the company because I have developed myself in ways I had never thought possible."
Administrator, Headingley Hall
"You feel happy when you see people smiling and saying thank you. You feel that emotion and you empathise with them and try to help them. It makes you feel good because you think I'm making a difference to their day."
Bank Support Worker
Meet Heven - Registered Manager, Headingley Hall
Meet Ismail - Group Catering Manager
Meet Noel - Head Chef, Southlands Retirement Apartments
"You just feel accomplished - I absolutely love my job. To us, it is nothing, but to our residents it is such a big thing when you do something little like make their bed or do a bit of dusting for them."
Housekeeping, Headingley Hall
"I love my job - I think it's important when working in care to not look at it like a job - it's my passion."
Senior Care Assistant, Southlands