Southlands residents Mick and Linda Coy are celebrating their grandson Dominic winning silver medal for Wales in the Triathlon Mixed Relay Team in the Commonwealth Games. England finished with the gold medal and Australia won bronze.
As well as his athletic career, Dominic is currently studying at the University of Cardiff. He competes for Wales as his mum and grandparents’ side of the family are Welsh.
The Coys, who live in Ilkley, are a sporting family and all into triathlons. Dominic’s sister Helena, 15; Dominic’s younger brother Nathan, who was a guide at the Commonwealth Games; his dad Steve, who is also a coach for the Leeds and Bradford Triathlon Club; and his mum Gaenor, who is a qualified Triathlon Technical Officer. 
Mick and Linda are incredibly proud of Dominic - and everyone at Westward Care joins them in saying a huge congratulations to Dominic for this fantastic achievement.
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