Paul Torrance
Director of Operations

As the Operations Director, Paul plays a key role on the Senior Management team and ensures that staff across all locations are supported and guided to provide the highest levels of support, service and care to all our residents.

Paul notes: "While working at Westward Care is new to me, social care organisations are not. Having worked in this sector for a 32 years for both national and regional organisations, my central belief has always been the people that access our services are at the centre of all our decisions.

As Peter, managing Director of Westward Care has passionately narrated “Tackling the challenges of an ageing society will be made easier if we change the negative language used about older people.” Part of this is to enable everyone to live a full, engaged and active life.

"You know that kind of thing when you are looking for your purpose in life? . . . And I found that purpose in caring."
Apartment Manager, Southlands