At Westward Care we believe you should be able to relax in later life and not have the worry around rising costs of heating and other utility bills.

To help support people considering a move we are promoting our time-limited offer where people completing a purchase of one of our Apartments in Roundhay or Headingley by 30 September 2023 will enjoy 12 months of no utility bills.

Our energy efficient, low maintenance Apartments are the perfect option for people looking to ‘right-size’ in later life and take control of their cost-of-living.
Peter Hodkinson, Managing Director, Westward Care highlights: Our retirement apartments located in Headingley and Oakwood are the perfect choice in later life for people who want to retain their investment in property and take control of the associated expenses of running a home.
We are seeing more and more retirees purchase our Apartments as they make an informed choice about ‘right -sizing’ the space they need in later life. They can maintain their standard of living, manage their retirement finances more effectively and be reassured by the added benefit of care and support on-site 24/7 if, or when, they need it. They have their own front door, totally independent living and companionship with other Apartment owners."

Headingley Hall - Westward Care
Southlands Retirement Apartments - Westward Care
Headingley Hall - Westward Care
Headingley Hall - Westward Care

Moving Stories

Don't just take our word for it -
watch these videos from people who have already made the move!
Dave, Apartment Owner, Southlands
Berry, Apartment Owner, Headingley Hall
Ken and Thelma, Apartment Owners, Southlands