At each one of Westward Care’s locations, beautiful communal gardens can be found on the grounds - and they aren’t just there to add colour.

Vitamin D, which we for the most part get from exposure to sunlight, is vital for a healthy body, but studies show that it’s good for the mind, too. People with lower levels of vitamin D display more depressive symptoms than those with higher levels, which is just one reason why having access to a garden is so important for our residents.

It’s not only physical and mental health: residents having an open garden to enjoy and to tend for themselves (alongside our brilliant professional gardening team) is also good for giving them a crucial sense of freedom and personal autonomy. Westward Care’s gardens provide a space for residents to peacefully walk around, enjoy the fresh air, play games in and socialise.

Our gardens have played host to a number of summer events, including the Coronation parties that took place across Southlands, Headingley Hall, Pennington Court and The Cedars last year.

For all their practical use, however, gardens can ultimately bring a care location to life. The fragrance and colours of the various plants make for a calming atmosphere, and they even in some cases aid residents with reminiscence.
"I can honestly say we haven’t missed our old house at all. I feel like we have left all our worries behind. All the stresses and strains have gone away and we’re enjoying our life again."
Anna and John
Southlands, Apartment Owners