Residents and volunteers enjoyed a special visit to Blackpool

17 residents from Headingley Hall headed over to Blackpool on Sunday 16th December along with one family member and 7 volunteers from the Headingley Hall Events Team (staff members).

The residents and staff sang all the way to the seaside and were very excited when the Blackpool Tower came into sight!

Once in the Ballroom everyone took their seats and, whilst listening to the organ being played, watched all the wonderful dancers who entertained them with the waltz, Pasa Doble, Foxtrot and more.

A tasty afternoon tea of finger sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and jam and mini assorted cakes was appreciated by the residents whilst drinking in the Christmas atmosphere in the beautiful architecture of the Blackpool Ballroom.

The Headingley Hall events team have been holding various events over the past year to raise money so that any resident who wished to participate on the trip could be subsidised.
"When mum moved to Headingley Hall it took such a weight off my mind. These days, I visit mum to catch up, rather than check-up."
Headingley Hall, Daughter of Apartment Owner