We’re very proud that NICHE Leeds’s action research partnership work has been featured in the latest issue of The Journal of Dementia Care.
NICHE Leeds (which stands for Nurturing Innovation in Care Home Excellence) is a partnership between Westward Care, Springfield Healthcare, the University of Leeds, Leeds Care Association and Leeds City Council.
The aim of NICHE Leeds is to find solutions to the problems that matter to people living and working in care homes – as well as their families and loved ones – with a focus on delivering the best possible care for all our residents.
We work with our colleagues across the city to identify common issues and find evidence-based and sustainable solutions, which not only meet the highest scientific standards but are accessible and useful for our staff.
Therefore, a key part of our work with NICHE Leeds allows researchers to work alongside our staff to find out the best way that new practices can be implemented into the everyday practice of our team.

At Pennington Court, we have been focusing on how oral care strategies can enable and motivate residents to perform their own mouth care and prevent or overcome mouth care responsive behaviours in residents. You can read more here.
You can read the full article here.
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