At this unprecedented time the importance of working as a team across all our care homes is vital. It is vital to ensuring that our residents and apartment owners feel safe, reassured and supported.

2020 is the Year of the Nurse - and today is a designated day to celebrate Nurses around the world - so we want to say a special thank you to the nurses that are supporting residents and their families at this time. 

The date on which this event occurs is one of significant meaning as May 12th is the birthday of the most revered nurse in history, Florence Nightingale. The year 2020 also marks 200 years since the founder of modern nursing was born.

So today, alongside the wider teams working across our homes we extend a special thank you to our nine Registered Nurses who continue to make such an important difference for our care home residents at this time.

Peter Hodkinson, Managing Director of Westward Care highlights the important role of Nurses in our care homes: "They are responsible for the total care of the residents by initiating treatment plans and administering medicine. Their nursing responsibilities go even further as they are required to monitor the health of their patients and to make sure they are getting the proper care. In addition, a Registered Nurse is responsible for interacting with the patient’s family by reporting any changes in the patients’ health or living situation. At this time the value of this medical support on-site cannot be underestimated - so I extend a special thank you to our nurses today.”
"I read the job description and remembered caring for my grandparents and thought I want to treasure that kindness and love from them and share my experience to help others. There was something that really touched my heart in the job description and I thought 'Yes! This is what I'm looking for."
Apartment Manager, Southlands