100% Digital Leeds, a Leedy City Council programme designed to provide everyone in Leeds with equal digital access, is now working with Headingley Hall to offer residents the opportunity to engage with and access digital tools and services in ways that are beneficial to them.

With the aim to improve health and wellbeing and quality of life, 100% Digital Leeds will offer Headingley Hall residents and staff assistance in using the likes of Facetime, Google Maps (a chance for residents to revisit where they grew up!) and game apps, as well as free online books and audio books.

For over two years, 100% Digital Leeds has worked with care homes across Leeds to support staff and residents to help improve their digital skills and overall digital confidence. Senior Digital Inclusion Officer Rachel Benn and Assistant Digital Inclusion Officer Jen Rhodes, of the Leeds City Council digital inclusion team, will work with Westward Care to provide advice on and help with the use of digital services at Headingley Hall.

Rachel and Jen look forward to visiting with Headingley Hall residents and staff to discuss how their work in other care homes has benefitted residents there, and what kind of support they can offer Headingley Hall residents going forward!

"Headingley Hall is like a five star hotel, it's beautifully presented, clean and comfortable. The service is second to none. The staff are warm and welcoming which makes dad feel special. The rooms are spacious with coordinated furniture and furnishings with a spacious en suite. The menu is ideal for the service users and the food is of a high standard. Dad always enjoys his stay."
Headingley Hall, Daughter of respite visitor