Visitor Arrangements - An update from Paul Torrance, Director of Operations (23 May 2022)

An update on Care Home / Nursing Home visits

Further to a number of recent queries about visits at Headingley Hall Care Home and Pennington Court Nursing Home, we would like to clarify our current status.
  • Residents are able to receive visitors to their home at any time, including evenings and weekends.
  • Residents may go out to see family and friends without the need for any restrictions.
  • Friends and family should wear a mask when visiting, unless they are delivering personal care when they must agree to wearing full PPE and be required to follow the same testing regime as our staff.
  • All visitors should use good hand hygiene.
  • We are no longer using a booking or appointment system for visits.  However you might consider informing us of your visit in advance should you wish your family member/friend to be ready for the visit/outing/outpatient appointment.
  • Whilst our reception staff will no longer be checking tests or temperatures, we would remind you to sign in and out of the home on the log provided. This information is for fire purposes and part of our Health and Safety procedure.
  • We will share with the main visitors the door code however for security reasons would ask you not to pass this information to anyone else.
  • All visitors must stay at home if they are feeling unwell; this applies to any illness or infection.
  • Visiting arrangements may change because of an outbreak of coronavirus in the home or because a resident tests positive for coronavirus. If this happens, every resident will still be allowed to continue to have one visitor for indoor visits.
  • ​If there is a change in circumstances due to coronavirus cases and you are a visitor that provides personal care to someone you will be required to take a coronavirus test before your visit and wear personal protective equipment (PPE). Full guidelines will be communicated to relatives/visitors as necessary.
We would remind you that when visiting the care home there is still an element of risk which we hope visitors will work in partnership with us, to avoid an outbreak occurring in the home.

Thank you for your continued support in keeping our homes as safe as possible.

Visitor Arrangements following the Announcement on 4 April 2022

On the 30th of March Gillian Keegan, Minister of State for Care at the Department of Health and Social Care, issued new guidance to care homes in response to the ‘Living with COVID-19’ pathway.
I am pleased to share that from the 4th of April 2022 the guidance around visiting care homes and extra care facilities has been updated.
The guidance has set out the following:
  • Visitors to care homes will no longer need to test before entering but are asked to take necessary precautions to keep themselves and their loved ones safe, in line with general population guidance.
  • A small number of visitors who are providing personal care will be asked to test before entering when prevalence is high, up to twice weekly if visiting more than twice, with free LFT tests available for these visitors during periods of high prevalence.
  • End of life visits should continue to be supported in all circumstances.
As we have previously expressed, to enable us to safely manage the number of visitors in the home at any one time, visits will still need to be pre-booked, and required to wear face masks, aprons and observe hand hygiene practices.

Please be aware that if there is a high prevalence of COVID-19, we may need to restrict visiting practices in line with recommendations for the local health protection team or instigate evidence of a negative lateral flow test result prior to any visit.
We will be reviewing further updates as they re published from the Department of Health and Social Care and will of course update you following any new information received.

21 February 2022
As from the 24th February 2022, the English government has removed a number of the restrictions and safeguards placed on our population as we move in to the ‘Living With Covid plan’. 
The government has committed to ensuring that the approach to managing Covid-19 in adult social care services continues to evolve in the coming months, and as we receive this guidance, we will ensure that this is shared with our wider community.
As outlined within the ‘Living with Covid’ plan we await the governments direction on precautions for visitors and workers in adult social care to be published.
This does mean that currently the existing measures published on the 1st February 2022 remain in place. This includes the removal of the previous restriction around limiting the number of family and friends that are able to come into the home to visit.
As we have previously expressed to enable us to safely manage the number of visitors in the home at any one time, visits will still need to be pre-booked and all visitors will need to continue to follow our safe visiting protocols, this includes a negative Lateral Flow Test (LFT) being received on the day of the visit.

Please be aware that should the home be unfortunate enough to have an outbreak of the covid virus (i.e. two or more positive test results being received by residents), it may impact the home being able to welcome visitors for a period. Individual locations will keep residents and families up to date with any changes if they occur.

1 February 2022

In England guidance for care home visits has recently changed, removing the previous restriction around limiting the number of family and friends that are able to come into the home to visit.  

With the restrictions being removed to allow an undefined number of visitors we will be opening up additional visits to homes as of Tuesday 1st February 2022. 

To enable us to safely manage the number of visitors in the home at any one time visits will still need to be pre-booked and all visitors will need to continue to follow our safe visiting protocols.  This includes a negative Lateral flow test (LFT) being received on the day of the visit.

Please be aware that the Department of Health and Social Care is to issue more detailed guidance around the removal of restrictions.  However, it is important to note that should the home be unfortunate enough to have an outbreak of the Covid-19 virus (i.e. two or more positive test results being received by residents), it may impact the home being able to welcome visitors for a period.  Individual locations will keep residents and families up to date with any changes if they occur.

The registered Essential Care Givers (ECG) may continue to visit at any time.

We will continue to risk assess people leaving the home to visit friends and family until we receive further Government guidance.  Residents who have had all three vaccinations and who are visiting small family groups (of named visitors) will be deemed low risk.  Residents must have a negative lateral flow test on the day of the visit and can return to the home as normal after the external visit.

19 July 2021

As things begin to open up we have been advised by Public Health England  that all our current Infection Prevention and Control measures should remain in place, for the time being.

We will be able to lift the limit of 5 designated visitors for each resident. For clarity, our policy on visits and trips out will continue to follow current government guidance.

Current guidance means:

  • Every resident can have a maximum of 3 visitors at any one time or over the course of a day. This is to enable us to manage the number of people in and around each location to ensure people can still socially distance. We can also ensure that every resident can have regular visitors or trips out.
  • Visits will still be for up to an hour, which includes time for a lateral flow test and donning and doffing PPE. Please remember you can complete a lateral flow test at home before visiting and bring confirmation with you. Please ask the manager if you would like more information on this.
  • We will continue to encourage garden visits as the evidence is clear that these present the lowest risk of transmission of the virus. Inside visits will continue to be in well ventilated rooms, which can include the residents own room or apartment.
  • We continue to strongly recommend that all visitors are double vaccinated. The impact of the vaccine programme in mitigating transmission and the impact if you do contract the virus is clear.
  • All visits still need to be booked in advance.
  • We still need all visitors to follow the policies around testing, wearing PPE and maintaining their distance from staff and other residents.

Regarding trips out of the home:

  • We are required to complete an individual risk assessment for each trip out.
  • High-risk trips still require the person to isolate for 14 days on their return. An example is where someone is admitted to hospital.
  • A low-risk trip out would not require anyone to isolate on their return. An example is where someone goes with a relative /friend, in their car, both wearing masks, with the windows open if possible. The relative/friend has tested negative with a lateral flow test on the day of the trip. They go to a local park and do not go inside a building (other than to use the toilet). They have a drink and something to eat, outside at a small café. They do not meet up with anyone else. The resident has a negative lateral flow test on their return. In this scenario they have avoided the use of public transport and have avoided being inside a building with lots of other people, where ventilation might be poor. The risk of bringing covid back and passing it on to staff or other residents when in a communal lounge or dining room is minimal.
  • Please give us as much notice of trips out as possible. This will allow us to complete the required risk assessment and advise on any possible isolation period on your return.

As ever, the above is all subject to change should an outbreak occur at any location. We will continue to do everything we can to keep everyone as safe as possible. If you have any questions about any of the above please speak to the local manager.

29 March 2021

As of 29 March 2021 we are delighted to extending our visiting options to the ‘rule of 6’ which means up to 6 people from two households can meet outdoors.

Many of our residents and retirement apartment owners have been commenting how lucky they feel to have been able to socialise with their neighbours and friends living at the same location during Covid. Birthday parties have been celebrated, nails painted, social activities put on by the staff, and nice catch up chats over a cup of tea (or a glass of wine!)

However we appreciate how eager many of you will be to recommence in room/apartment visits. We continue to await more detailed guidance on opening this up from the local authority and will advise as soon as possible.

Based on what we currently know the arrangements for visits at the current time is as follows;
  • Each resident will be able to have a visit in their room or apartment with one designated visitor, subject to a negative PCR test. 
  • We will also conduct a lateral flow test on the day of the visit which will need to be negative.
  • We will be limiting visitor numbers internally to follow government guidance and also to keep numbers inside as low as possible to mitigate the increased risk this will pose.
  • You will be able to hold hands but other close contact must be avoided at the moment.
  • PPE will need to be worn and guidance will be given when you visit.
Booking a Visit
All visits that require staff to support need to be booked and you should contact the local team to make a booking.  At this stage we are still unable to accommodate people just dropping in due to the testing and admin arrangements required with visiting. Initially we will continue to restrict visits to 30 minutes. This is to ensure that as many of you can visit as want to. As we go forward we will hopefully be able to look again at the frequency and duration of visits.

Some people are preferring not to visit internally at present and we will continue to offer all the other visiting options, i.e. garden, window and visits using the visitor pods. 

At the current time Westward Care would encourage you to continue to choose the least risky option for visits. Whilst the vast majority of our residents and staff have received their first vaccination. Many are still waiting for their second dose. Please be mindful that the vaccination does not confer 100% immunity and we must all remain vigilant and keep following the other robust infection control measures that will continue to keep everyone safe and well.

Updated: 7 January 2020

Once more, we find ourselves in a national lockdown and told to stay at home wherever possible. 

Some of the recent press coverage has suggested that there is a blanket ban on all visits. This is not the case and not the approach we will be following at Westward Care.

The latest guidance confirms that visits to residents can take place with arrangements involving substantial screens, in pods and window visits.

In person visits are discouraged and only allowed where deemed essential such as in end-of-life situations.

For clarity we will not be changing our current visitor policy. The arrangements in place at all locations enable compliance with the latest guidance. We would always ask that you choose the least risky option for a visit. The new Covid strain is up to 70% more transmissible than the original strain. Please bear this in mind when thinking about visiting and which type of visit to request.

A range of visits can be facilitated including phone and video calls, garden visits, window visits and pod visits. We will also facilitate in room visits where it has been agreed that this is the most appropriate type of visit for the resident and their health and wellbeing. We will always enable compassionate end-of-life visits.

The latest government guidance does confirm that ‘No visits will be permitted in the event of an
outbreak, unless absolutely essential again for end-of-life compassionate visits’.
If an in-room visit has been deemed essential this would be subject to a negative PCR (Covid) test. Ideally the visit should then be arranged within 72 hours.

In Leeds there is support available to secure a PCR test. The General Manager at your relevant location can provide further details.

You will be aware that the Covid vaccination programme has started to be rolled out. We have been told that all residents and staff (who consent) will be vaccinated by the end of January 2021.

If a resident has or is suspected to have Covid then they will not be able to be vaccinated. If there is a suspected or confirmed outbreak, then any planned vaccinations could need to be rescheduled for all residents at the location. This would be a travesty if it were to happen. 

As more people receive the vaccine, we will move closer to a position where the visiting guidance can begin to be relaxed.

If you have any further questions, please speak to the General Manager at our relevant locations.

Thank you as always for your continued support and patience.
Vincent Hart

Updated: 4 December 2020

In-room visits

The government has issued guidance to care homes on testing visitors to facilitate indoor visits.  

We have serious concerns with the guidance - specifically the accuracy of the Lateral Flow Tests (LFT) compared to the PCR tests that we currently use for staff and resident testing).

In addition, the resource required to implement the suggested testing regime (we would need to assign 2-5 full-time staff to facilitate testing) and its potential impact on the safety of staff, residents and visitors. 

We want to enable in room visits and will be implementing weekly testing for visitors using the PCR test. The PCR test is more accurate than the LFT but still not 100% accurate so we will continue to employ additional infection control measures, including requiring visitors to wear appropriate PPE. 

We are seeking to obtain the PCR test kits via the NHS and will commence testing as soon as they are available. Please note that if we cannot obtain the test kits this will prevent us from implementing our process as soon as we want to. 
  • In-Room visits will still need to be booked as they will still require staff to complete certain activity at the time of the visit. 
  • Visits will initially be for a period of no more than 1 hour.  We will try and facilitate 2 visits per week for each visitor, but this will not always be possible.  
  • Designated visitors will not be able to visit at the same time. 
  • Visitors will be shown how to correctly wear and remove PPE – it must not be removed at any time during the visit.
  • If you want to bring in certain items for your friend/relative they will need to be sanitised or quarantined for 72 hours. This is to reduce the opportunity of the virus being passed unknowingly to your loved ones. 
  • You can hold hands (wearing gloves) during the visit. In wearing gloves and sanitising hands before putting your gloves on you will mitigate the risk of Covid transmission.  Please avoid hugs and kisses.
  • Weekly testing via the home must take place for you to continue in-room visits
  • We have a separate Visiting Process Guidance sheet which can be obtained directly by contacting staff at the location you wish visit.

The testing process for In-room visits

  • Once we have the tests secured, we will contact family or friends and let them know when the next testing day is, once we have the tests secured.  
  • The test is sent to a laboratory for analysis and takes usually between 2-3 days for results to be received.  
  • Occasionally we do not get results back within a week or they are returned as inconclusive. If this were to happen, we would not be able to allow an in room visit in that week. 
  • If potential visitors return a positive test they will have to isolate in line with current guidance. In addition, we would not re-test for 12 weeks and individuals would not be able to have an in room visit in that time. The guidance we currently have is that anyone who tests positive will still test positive in the following 12 weeks.
Our priority will always be to ensure that residents receive the care and support they need. We would ask for your patience and understanding if the staffing situation becomes stretched and we must reduce the visiting arrangements. 

You are still able to book other visits which are not in-room if you prefer to choose a less risky option.

If there is any change in the guidance issued to us, we will need to review our visiting arrangements accordingly.  This would include a cessation of visiting if there is a spike in the virus locally or an outbreak in the service. Please note an outbreak is 2 cases and with us testing more people there is potential for more positive test results. 

Updated: 13 November 2020

Following the revised government guidance issued to Care Homes last week at the start of the current lockdown the ’new guidance’ does not significantly alter our current visiting arrangements given the steps we had already taken to facilitate visits at each location. We understand how important visits are to everyone and are working to maintain visiting options.

In summary all residents and families have been updated with the following: 

 - In line with the new guidance we have been updating the risk assessments that are in place.

 - We will continue to consult with families, where neessary in determining the least risky visiting option.

 - We will manage risk by encouraging telephone and video calls as a first point of contact. The next least risky option would be a garden visit followed by a window visit. As both involve outdoor visiting this keeps the risk of transmission of covid-19 low.  As the weather becomes more inclement, we would consider an increased use of the designated visiting areas.

 - We are introducing floor to ceiling screens in a few of these areas as required under the new guidance. The benefit of introducing the screens is that these areas can continue to be used in an outbreak situation.

 - End of Life visits are especially important, and we recognise the need to continue to provide compassionate visits in all such circumstances. When and how to commence these will be a judgement for the local General Manager often with advice from the GP and other healthcare professionals.

 - Where essential visits need are taking place we have restricted visitor numbers to a maximum of 2 people in the designated areas and a thorough clean is taking place between visits.

 - In some circumstances where there is a health or wellbeing reason we are accomodating an 'in room' visit. Such visits must be deemed essential and we must judge whether the circumstances are similar to the essential visits required when someone is deemed to be end of life.

 - Where visitors will be entering the premises for an ‘in room’ or apartment visit, we will be continuing with the single designated visitor for each resident. This is in line with government guidance and is to limit the number of visitors to mitigate the risk of virus transmission.

 - We are exploring the opportunity of adding these designated visitors to our weekly staff testing schedule. If testing is possible, we will be able to relax the frequency and duration of these essential visits.

 - Appropriate PPE must always be worn during the visit and social distancing and hand hygiene must also be maintained to continue to protect everyone

 - We are continuing with a booking system for visits as we can only facilitate a finite number of visits each day.

We would like to thank everyone for their understanding, patience and cooperation, it is very much appreciated by the local staff teams. 

If you require any further help or guidance regarding our visiting arrangements, please contact the General Manager at the relevant location.

Updated: 4 August 2020

The Government recently issued updated guidance on visiting Care Homes. As yet they have still not issued guidance for supported living however with many of our residents owning their own Apartments we have decided that we will relax the visiting arrangements at all Westward Care premises as we believe the supported living guidance will be very similar to the guidance issued for care homes. 

At the time of writing we have not received test kits to enable weekly staff testing and monthly testing for residents. Regular testing will be a key plank of our risk minimisation strategy. In its absence we have decided to introduce indoor visiting but in a slow and controlled way. We currently remain Covid free at all locations and do not wish to relax current measures too quickly and trigger an outbreak.

All residents and their families have been issued with greater details setting out the steps we have and will be taking to improve visiting arrangements as lockdown measures are relaxed.

Indoor visits will commence on Monday 17th August 2020. This will allow work to be completed locally to ensure visits are as safe and enjoyable as possible. Weather permitting we are requesting that visitors continue to make arrangements to enjoy garden and window visits as much as possible. The current guidance is that outdoor visits are much safer for all concerned.

For indoor visits we will be establishing a visiting area/room. The area/room selected will minimise visitor ‘travel’ through communal areas of the home. This will avoid contact with staff and residents and areas commonly used. 

To begin with we will also look to restrict the overall number of visitors on the premises at any one time. To this end, we will be asking people to book an appointment and to choose one designated visitor. The designated visitor must then be the same person each week. This will ensure that we have as few people as possible coming into the premises which in turn will limit the risk of a Covid outbreak.

Visitors will be required to wear PPE and maintain a 2 metre distance at all times.

Where a resident is unable to go to the designated visiting area or where the resident’s mental health and wellbeing would benefit from a visit to their room/apartment we will aim to accommodate this. Clearly this presents a higher risk for the facility and so an individual risk assessment will need to be completed. 

To begin with we will accommodate one indoor visit each week. The visit will be for ½ an hour. This will then allow the area/room to be sanitised before the next visitor uses the space.

We will continue to accommodate garden visits and window visits wherever possible. These will still need to be booked and we will do our best to accomodate visitors preferred day and time.

JULY 2020 update

I am writing to provide you with an update on how we are facilitating visitors during the current Covid-19 pandemic across Westward Care's locations.

We are constantly reviewing the measures we have in place regarding visitors in line with current Government guidance. We will always seek to adjust our measures as early as possible as the Government advice eases Covid-19 restrictions.
Our current measures are not due to change in light of the relaxations announced for the 4th July or 1st August.

Any future adjustments we can make will be made whilst at the same time maintaining the continued safety of everyone connected with Westward Care. 

All our locations have, since the ‘lockdown’ commenced, kept people in touch by facilitating phone and video calls. We issued each service with new equipment to maintain this vital link with loved ones and friends. Our staff teams have worked incredibly hard in the last few months to support all our residents who needed support to make either phone or video calls. This will continue as appropriate.

More recently we commenced garden visits where our locations have the external space to accommodate them. In addition we have been able to organise face to face visits where the resident remains inside the scheme and family or friends are seated outside, opening French doors, windows and similar where possible.

We recognise the importance and wellbeing benefits of these visits and will continue to do all we can to make them happen. Current social distancing measures must be applied to all visits, including garden visits that are organised.

We do understand that the current visiting arrangements are still some way from the ‘ideal’ we would all prefer to return to but they are necessary at the current time. Where the environment permits, we have invited some of our entertainers return and I know how warmly received this has been by many residents.

We are making preparations to allow hairdressers to return from 4th July in line with the Government guidance and mitigation measures to ensure all of our locations remain Covid secure.

Where a resident requires support from staff with any visit please work with us by ensuring these are booked ahead of time with the General Manager. Staff teams continue to be extremely busy but with your cooperation and patience, we can make the arrangements work for everyone. To arrange a supported visit please contact the home to secure an appointment time. To accommodate everyone who wishes to see their family and friends we would ask that visits are kept to 30 minutes duration. We would also ask that to help us maintain social distancing guidelines, visitor numbers should ideally be no more than 2 people from the same household.
Finally we are investigating opportunities to provide visits during inclement weather. This is very much governed by the scheme environments. We are looking at how and where we can provide a suitable space with protective screens or similar adjustments to enable visitors and residents to continue to meet safely and protected from the elements. 

Please continue to bear with us and thank you for your continued patience and support at this time.

Yours sincerely,
Vincent Hart, Director of Operations, Westward Care
"I love my job - I think it's important when working in care to not look at it like a job - it's my passion."
Senior Care Assistant, Southlands