React to Red is a simple approach to preventing pressure ulcers.

Sharon Earnshaw, General Manager at Headingley Hall and her team have been under going training as part of a recent campaign to raise awareness about the dangers of pressure ulcers and the simple steps that can be taken to avoid them.  

Pressure ulcers affect around 700,000 people in the UK every year. The reality is that many pressure ulcers are avoidable if simple knowledge is provided and preventative best practice is followed. 

Sharon has been leading her team to learn more about steps that can be taken to support vulnerable residents developing pressure sores. This training and awareness raising means staff better understand risk and when risk is increasing for each individual and then what the next course of action should be.

Sharon has also been championing the React to Red campaign amongst residents so they can themselves be aware of measures they can take to avoid pressure areas.

Wren Healthcare is a CQC registered healthcare company specialising in nurse led clinical skills and disease area training. Leeds Clinical Commissioning Group have commissioned Wren Healthcare to deliver the React to Red training programme to 139 care homes across the CCG.

Kash the project manager has been working closely with Sharon Earnshaw to implement the pressure care programme at Headingley Hall. 

“The team at Headingley Hall have embraced the React to Red project and are a fantastic example for other homes to follow. Having delivered two training sessions, I have witnessed first-hand the homes proactive implementation of this programme and I look forward to working closely with the team and hearing about their successes.”

What is a pressure ulcer?

A pressure ulcer (sometimes called a bed sore or pressure sore) is when your skin and underlying tissue gets damaged by unrelieved pressure causing a painful sore.

Whether you work in a care setting or care for a family member or friend at home you can make sure you are aware of the basic elements of pressure ulcer prevention:

S - checking the surface that they are sitting or lying on. Is it meant to offer pressure relief?  Is it doing the job it is meant to?

S - regularly check the skin looking for discolouration, blisters, heat, swelling, hardness.  If in doubt, speak to a healthcare professional

K - keep moving - move little and often, every 30 minutes will really help to alleviate pressure

I - deal with issues around incontinence and increased moisture as these will have a negative impact on the skin

N - nutrition and hydration. Ensure that they are eating a healthy diet and drinking plenty of fluid
For more information about the React to Red campaign visit:

Download the React to Red log template here
"When mum moved to Headingley Hall it took such a weight off my mind. These days, I visit mum to catch up, rather than check-up."
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