Making the choice to 'right-size' as you get older to meet your changing life circumstances is becoming more of the norm.

We all choose places to live based on where we are in life, whether it’s that first student flat or a “forever” family home. But as you get older or after your children have left home, you do start to think “how long is this going to work”? 

Something will inevitably happen in older age to make that large family home no longer practical. But if you plan ahead for older age, research has shown you are less likely to go into a care home. This is particularly true if you are in a supported living environment. 

Retirement apartments with the option of care and support can provide a safe, secure and companioned environment while living how you want to live. At Westward Care, we try not to make it look like care. Residents in our Leeds apartment locations have a sense they are living independently. They have got the facilities and services that are right-sized for them. 

It is an environment and a care service which is matched against each individual and looks just like a luxury apartment. There is a wet room, everything is on one level, with a lift to all floors. You’ll no longer have to worry about things such as the tiles falling off the roof. It is a “no worries” package. We look after the heating system, the electrical system, as well as carrying out maintenance, window cleaning, and even do the gardening. 

With our optional 24-hour care service, people have stayed in our apartments right until the end of life, often with full funding for the care provided from the NHS, something only usually available in a care home. 

While residents have moved in to be cared for in their own apartment, it doesn’t mean they have to compromise on their living standards. We might have ‘health and social care’ above the front door but people want to live life to its fullest. Our biggest challenge is meeting the exacting standards of our residents. We have silver service waiting staff in all of our four dining rooms. If they want a particular wine, we do our best to provide that. One resident expressed a wish for a shed which we accommodated, and he now uses it for his woodwork past-time. We are constantly asking for feedback to make sure services are of the highest standard and that is driven by our customers.

We have guest apartments and suites so family and friends can visit when they want. There is a private dining room for special family meals when relatives come to visit. Our residents love that. You have got the best of both worlds in a home that suits your life right now. 

If you are interested in finding out more about our luxury retirement properties you can contact our Southlands location in Roundhay or Headingley Hall on Shire Oak Road in Headingley. The team will be happy to discuss your requirements and tell you a bit more about our on-site care and support.

For Headingley Hall:
Phone: Elaine – 0113 275 9950

For Southlands Retirement Apartments
Phone: May – 0113 265 5876
"By moving to my Retirement Apartment I've got the freedom I want. My family the peace of mind they need."
Southlands, Apartment Owner