Every single member of the care profession – including our staff at Westward Care – have worked tirelessly since Covid-19 hit, to make sure everyone is well cared for and happy. We will never be able to thank them enough for their dedication.
After our team told us that they were experiencing heighted anxiety and stress as a result of the pressures around Covid-19, we wanted to do anything we could to make sure we were looking after them. So, we commissioned Leeds-based mental health expert Suzanne Shenderey to deliver Mindful Moments, a free six-week mindfulness course delivered via Zoom.
But after Mindful Moments ended, we wanted our staff – and other members of the care profession – to be able to access Suzanne’s mindfulness techniques whenever they needed them. Especially as we head into these long winter months and second lockdown, where the opportunity to get outside, see loved ones or take some time out might be more limited.
We commissioned Suzanne to produce five short films which our staff can access at any time - and we’re sharing them here so anyone in a care environment can take time out to pause, breathe and invest in some self-care.
In these films, Suzanne explains the benefits of mindfulness in our busy and stressful world and guides us through some short self-care practices which can be built into our everyday lives.
We hope these videos help members of the care profession to manage and process their experience of Covid-19 – as well as giving our tireless frontline workers some time and space for some self-care.

Introducing Mindfulness
Body Scan Mindfulness
STOP Meditation
Seated Mindfulness Meditation
Three Minute Breathing Space
"I think that the management here is very good. They appreciate what we’re doing and they listen to our ideas and act on any suggestions for improvements we suggest."
Senior Care Assistant, Southlands