An unexpected but wonderful reunion has taken place at Headingely Hall.

Len Bower and Dennis Woods, who starred in the popular post war Leeds band Four Star Swing Quartet have after seventy years been reunited at Westward Care’s award-winning Headingley Hall Care Home and Apartments.


97-year-old Len Bower recently moved to Headingley Hall and by sheer coincidence discovered that his former band mate and pianist Dennis Woods, 92, is also a client there. The two musicians have since been reminiscing about the wonderful times they had playing together in and around Leeds.


The Four Star Swing Quartet, led by clarinet player Len Bower, was a big hit in the late 1940s. The band scooped Melody Maker’s Dance Band Championship Winning Band in 1947 and all four individual musician awards at the same competition. Shortly afterwards, Dennis Woods left the band to become a professional pianist and seventy years later, he and Len have been reunited.


Len Bower said: “It was a big shock to discover that Dennis and I are now living under the same roof. Who would have thought that after seventy years we would be sitting at the same dining table? It’s been wonderful to reminisce about our adventures in the Quartet.”


Dennis Woods said: “I still can’t quite believe that after all this time, Len and I have met again. Len was telling me the story of his swing band and its remarkable pianist when I realised he was talking about me! It was a wonderful surprise to be reunited after so long!”


Sharon Earnshaw, General Manager at Headingley Hall said: ““It’s great to see Len and Dennis sharing memories of their concert days. At Headingley Hall we love to encourage people to share their life stories and experiences – we hope we may even get a chance to hear them play at some point!”
"Headingley Hall is like a five star hotel, it's beautifully presented, clean and comfortable. The service is second to none. The staff are warm and welcoming which makes dad feel special. The rooms are spacious with coordinated furniture and furnishings with a spacious en suite. The menu is ideal for the service users and the food is of a high standard. Dad always enjoys his stay."
Headingley Hall, Daughter of respite visitor