Southlands residents visited by Moortown Green Fire Watch for a fire safety talk

At our recent coffee afternoon Southlands Apartment residents, and their relatives, were joined by Ross, Wesley and Chris from Moortown Green Watch Fire Station who joined us for a talk on fire safety. 

They spoke with residents about procedures to follow if the fire alarm activated and shared lots of useful information including the safe use of electrical devices such as laptops and chargers.  They also told us all about equipment available that can be used to help anyone with a disability.

Following the talk we were able to ask any questions we had before enjoying a chat over a cup of tea.

Thank you so much to the crew from  Moortown Green Watch Fire Station for taking the time out to visit Southlands.  We all agreed it was a very informative and interesting talk!
"By moving to my Retirement Apartment I've got the freedom I want. My family the peace of mind they need."
Southlands, Apartment Owner