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Planning your care

There are many reasons why people need extra support or choose to move into a care home – from needing nursing or or social care to wanting greater companionship and security.

It often pays to find out about care and support options now. Many people only consider a care option after a period of illness, a sudden deterioration in health or the death of a carer. As a result, the decision is often rushed. If you think that you or a loved one, will soon require assistance, take a look at our helpful guides:


Westward Care – Resident
“Now I feel part of a safe and happy community, I would certainly recommend it.

It was a big change after 51 years, but I am glad to have made the decision. Now I am nearer the shops, the church and my friends and I feel part of a happy and sharing and safe community.”
Jean Butler,
Headingley Hall Apartment Resident.
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